Little Green Values

We are team of creatives that are dedicated to finding website design solutions for purpose-driven and responsible enterprises, that wish to make a difference for our beautiful planet.

After launching Little Green Space nearly two years ago, we have devised and executed numerous re-brands and website launches: from concepts and ideas through to stunning, wave-making designs for their individual markets

We love building long-term relationships with people who share a similar outlook, and I have built a strong portfolio, ensuring those brands will strike a chord far and wide. We finish each project with a workshop which enables teams to maintain quality content and superior reach.

Aligning discoverability and aesthetics is essential for social enterprises and charities. Remember that your organisation - however noble its mission - is nothing without a strong identity, a plan, and advocates to carry its message!

Little Green Method

Our ideas constantly evolve with experiences with environmentally conscious brands all over the world. We are always on the move, travelling in order to maximise the impact of our work by observing the projects and hosting creative workshops for on-site teams. We’re a very friendly team including designers, photographers, developers, journalists and social media strategists.

Little Green Futures

We are proud to share our recently launch social project Plant & Pencil, which supports an incredible little school in The Gambia. We are fundraising to develop a community market garden which will continue to fund the school, surrounded by murals to give the students a beautiful, engaging learning environment. Alongside our fundraising efforts, we donate 10% of our profits to this project.


Ask Little Green Space!

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“Little Green Space was named after my first independent workplace on a colourful street in Brighton UK.

During a trip I was asked to create a website for a totally unique and isolated school on the largest Galápagos Island - a once in a lifetime opportunity, any designer will tell you! From that moment on, I was hooked.

Ever since I have dedicated the majority of my work to educational and environmentally focussed enterprises, and other responsible brands around the world.

With the love and support from an exceptionally talented team, working together across 4 continents, I am so proud of what we have accomplished so far!”
- Jenny | Founder